Herbal Health has combined with One Health Clinics to give you one approach to one health


We are a Specialist boutique Clinic with a telehealth service to help Australian patients access to plant-based therapies. 

Our mantra is “Patient’s First”; we focus on the patient as a whole and not just a presenting illness, and promote active lifestyle as a foundation for good health and well-being. 

Our aim is that our patients feel part of a supported Community, with clear communication throughout your journey, so that you feel educated and empowered to manage your own health and medications.

  • Our caring Practitioners monitor the Industry for the highest quality plant medicines, designing individual treatment plans to suit patient’s symptoms and lifestyle. 
  • We prescribe ethically and responsibly; we do not prescribe to ineligible patients, nor do we dispense large quantities of repeat scripts. 
  • We are brand-agnostic; although we do prefer high quality medicines from Australian companies that meet GMP standards.
  • We continue to expand our clinic and looking for new Doctors and Nurse Practitioners and opportunities to find new “pop up” clinics for face-face consultations.  
  • We do not own any of our own products or brands like some other clinics, and therefore can prescribe ethically and conscientiously without a Conflict of interest.
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Chronic Pain | Anxiety | Depression | Insomnia


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Learn more about the eligibility criteria to access Medicinal Cannabis treatments.

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